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what is dragon fruit- how to cut and eat

what is dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that is native to Central and South America. It is also known as pitaya or pitahaya. The fruit has a bright pink or yellow skin and a white or pink flesh that is studded with small black seeds. It has a sweet, slightly tangy flavor and a texture that […]

how to grow basil indoors hydroponic

how to grow basil indoors hydroponic

Hello friends, in today’s article I will tell how to grow hydroponic basil plant without soil in water only, easy way to grow it fast, and make it dense. In this article, I will tell you the details of growing plants in hydroponics water. So let’s get started. How to Grow Hydroponic Basil: Step-by-Step You […]

what herbs can you grow at home 2023

what herbs can you grow at home

how to grow herbs at home easy, people’s interest in home planet gardening has increased a lot after coming up with concepts like your home or kitchen garden and rooftop garden. In big cities where people do not have much time to guard the tree planter. People who live in the balcony of their house, […]

small investment business Ideas Agriculture

Small investment business

Friends today we will tell you in this article small investment business ideas earn money in agriculture sector, Since primary school, we have been studying geography, that India is an agricultural country, countries like China USA, Brazil, France, Mexico along with India’s top 10 agricultural countries are added. And along with organic farming, gradually the […]

how to start polyhouse farming 2023

what is polyhouse farming

Today we will tell how polyhouse farming or greenhouse farming is made, and how polyhouse farming is done. When you see fruits and vegetables in the market before the season, then for once you definitely ask their price. Despite being expensive, sometimes you have to buy them when needed. what is polyhouse farming Have you […]

what are the top 10 most nutritious vegetables

what are the top 10 most nutritious vegetables

top 10 most nutritious vegetables- Anyone who wants to stay fit or healthy knows that apart from exercising, it is important to eat plenty of vegetables. All vegetables contain healthy vitamins minerals and dietary fiber, but there are some top 10 vegetables which are known for their professional benefits. Vegetables offer more health benefits to […]

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